As recruiters, we have been active in the field of stuff searches for more than 15 years. In that time we have been lucky to experience a range of challenges. As the economic crisis set in (2008, 2009), recruitment was mostly replaced by redundancies, but as soon as the downturn was over, we had to respond to the rise on the labor market quickly: new strategies were required and novel methods of recruitment had to be introduced. Today’s advanced economic environment sees us working in conditions of fierce competition, and unlike during the economic crisis, there is a labor shortage. This means that recruitment companies have to take a smart and considered approach.

Today we are once again in a situation, where companies are assembling, the number of unemployment is rising and the uncertainty against the future is very high. This means, that recruiters have to work wisely and thoughtfully.

You can rest assured that we do the right things, use efficient recruitment channels and methods, and find precisely those team members, who will help you achieve your goals. We have outlived one crisis already and survived.  

I am Viivi and I am a partner at CVAgent My involvement in the recruitment process ranges from responding to inquiries and analyzing customers’ needs to selecting applicants for the final round. An important part of my experience as a recruitment and human resources manager comprises cooperation with large international companies specializing in marketing and sales, production management, customer service and assistance and electronics and information technology. I have participated in staffing several companies in different parts of Estonia.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in international business management and both a Master’s degree and Doctorate in sociology. I have been and still am a member of several international research teams. Lately a chapter of mine in cooperation with leading sociologists of Estonia in a book “Extended Working Life Policies“ came out. I took a career counselor course and am a licensed Tripod tests out-carrier.  

Eating healthily and being active is my way of life.

I speak Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish.