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Professional recruitment service

The main business areas of CVAgent are staff selection and recruiting. We offer both partial and total recruitment assistance to our customers: services include public searches (publishing a job advertisement), pre-selection, targeted search/headhunting and assessment (see SERVICES). We are licensed Tripod test users.

As regards search methods, we mainly focus on targeted searches because we believe they enable us to complete projects successfully and satisfy our customers’ needs. Based on our lengthy recruitment experience, we are experts who follow the customer’s recruitment schedule. Our objective is to be professional project partners and consultants to both customers and applicants.

Our values include speed, flexibility, professionalism and quality. We treat our customers’ wishes with great respect and with a determination to achieve the desired results and sustainable cooperation. We guarantee our applicants full confidentiality and care throughout the recruitment process.

Our services

Full service for staff searches
We await your final decision.

Public search
This service includes publishing a position vacant in jobs portals in social media or in print media if desired. After that, we perform a pre-selection among the applicants and then continue with the activities of the full-service package. We manage communication with all applicants, including answering questions, giving feedback and arranging meetings. The duration of the process is 3-4 weeks.

Targeted search/headhunting
We focus only on suitable applicants whom we contact directly and familiarise with the job offer. We outline areas and companies of interest, specific people and key words from which to proceed. We use various methods of searching and databases, social media, our professional network of contacts, recommendations and the database of applicants from previous recruitments. Targeted searches enable you to involve inactive applicants who are open to offers but currently not looking for new career options. The duration of the process is 3-4 weeks.
Partial service
We offer a professional service for staff searches at a certain stage of the recruitment process. This kind of service can include mapping suitable applicants and contact them, after which the customer takes over communication. In addition, a partial service can include publishing a position vacant, performing a pre-selection or managing communication with an applicant. Together with the customer, we develop the best solution, considering their needs and potential. The duration of the process depends on the services selected.
Emergency service
The aim of our emergency service is to find staff in a period of a couple of days up to one week. We focus on applicants who are currently not employed and thus ready to start working immediately. To find staff we use targeted searches, the contact details of applicants from previous recruitment projects, recommendations and our contact network.
We are licensed Tripod test users. The most common tests that our customers request in the final stage of recruitment concern personality and abilities, including managers’ tests.

Why choose us?

Significant experience in recruitment and familiarity with the labour market.
Based on our prior experience, we provide an honest and realistic evaluation and recommendations so that your project is a success. We are able to foresee and prevent difficulties: we are always a step or two ahead of our competitors and we always have a plan B, or even a plan C, up our sleeves. Alongside experience, a notable network of contacts and social network have formed around us, which give us an advantage in cooperating with both customers and applicants.

Flexibility and openness to personal solutions
Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We keep on until we find the best solution. We are available and ready to respond to a customer’s problems as quickly as we can.

We also believe that personal solutions are beneficial to customers and enable all companies to use professional services. Our goal is to offer high-quality services at reasonable prices.

We are open-minded and contribute to development
The methods used in targeted staff searches have improved a lot and that trend is ongoing. We, therefore, value consistent growth and new practices that help us reach the best specialists via the most efficient ways of recruiting. To ensure that our judgement remains trustworthy, we consider it crucial to stay informed of any developments in the field and educate ourselves constantly. We are creative and find the best solution for every collaborative project.
Experienced recruiters are always in charge of processes
You don’t have to worry about who actually searches for staff. We, being experienced recruiters ourselves, are project managers and take responsibility for the recruitment process. We do not accept failure. We are consistent and dedicated. We have the confidence to guarantee you the best results under any circumstances.

Ask for free advice

Recruitment process


Receiving a request

After a request reaches us we contact you immediately to specify the search.


Co-operation offer

We analyse your staffing needs and then make you an offer.



We meet in your office or in ours, discuss the recruitment process in detail, select the most suitable solution and decide on a timeframe.


Get started with recruiting

We then begin the recruitment process, which includes a public search (publishing a position vacant) and mapping applicants (a targeted search), communication and making targeted offers to applicants, pre-selection, interviewing, evaluation and summary. We also provide constant feedback and inform you of any developments.

Submission of candidates

Once the final selection has been made, we present the best applicants.


Final round

Meetings with the applicants who reach the final round are arranged (in your office, if possible). We offer advice and give tips on conducting interviews effectively.

Background check

We carry out background checks and seek recommendations from past employers. Testing is provided (at the customer’s request).



We look forward to your decision on the final selection.



Also, assistance and advice are offered as employment is formalised.


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